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We are located in the heart of the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area and buy houses in any area or condition.  We purchase single and multifamily properties. If you need to sell your house fast, for ANY reason, we’re here to help! We’ll work with you and make you a fair offer on your property. 

Stop Foreclosure & Short Sale!

Any property that is behind in payments or already in foreclosure is on a slope of falling into the massive inventory of bank owned foreclosures. We have solutions to prevent your home from ever going into foreclosure, even if you’re behind on payments.

Has Your Rental Property Become A Nightmare?

We are the solution to your tenant problems. If you’ve decided that enough is enough and now you are looking to sell the property, don’t worry about the tenants. In most cases, we can buy your property with the tenants still in the house, and deal with any problems after the closing. Save your money and save your health!

Our Lease Purchase Option FAQs

Q: What paperwork is involved?
A: We will prepare a lease purchase agreement when you’re ready and we find a qualified tenant buyer. When the buyer is ready to close, an attorney will prepare an assignment and ask you to sign a few disclosure documents. We only close with attorneys.

Q: What if the tenant buyer never closes?
A: Actually that may be the best thing that could happen for you. Every month a tenant pays you rent to cover your payment, it reduces your debt and eventually pays it off. If they don’t buy, you’re building equity.

Q: Do I get any money if they do buy?
A: Not if you’re over leveraged now. The only reason a buyer would agree to lease option an over leveraged house is because they get the benefit of the debt reduction and in time will build enough equity to get financing. If this opportunity is not available the home would be unmarketable. However, if you have equity now, it’s likely you will get cash at the time of sale.

Q: Will I be paying for repairs?
A: Only during the first 30 days. If you can’t fix anything that needs to be fixed before we offer the house, we can disclose to the buyer and may get them to accept as is. Your lease purchase agreement will contain a provision for you to fix anything not disclosed, but only for the first 30 days.

Q: So what’s my responsibility?
A: Get the house ready to show and receive payments each month after a buyer is placed in the home (we can have an escrow company do this). We will show the house by appointment only if you reside in it while we market.

Q: What if the tenant tears up my house?
A: Our tenants are of a buyers mindset and will have a financial stake in the agreement. This is not a typical renter. Plus, they will be responsible for all repairs. In our experience, it’s rare for them to tear up a house and lose their option to buy. If it were to happen, we can repair the home and lease it again.

Q: What if you don’t find a buyer?
A: If we don’t find a buyer within 60 days, you may cancel our agreement or allow us to continue looking.

Q: What if my house isn’t over leveraged?
A: We can still lease option it from you at a fair price. We may also buy the house now and take over the debt or simply pay cash. Once we know the facts we can instantly tell you what we can do and let you decide your best choice.

What To Do Next?

Step 1
Call (404) 913-3030 or complete the form below and we’ll take some basic information. It’ll only take a few minutes.

Step 2
We’ll discuss the facts and tell you what we can do. If we both agree to move forward we’ll visit the home, answer any additional questions and leave you with the agreement.

Step 3
Once the agreement is executed and you tell us when you’re ready we’ll begin showing to our current buyers list or find new ones if necessary.

Step 4
We’ll locate a qualified tenant buyer to place in your property. You do not need to be present. That’s It!! It’s that simple!

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